Civil and Criminal 

Pursuant to local Administrative Order 2022-018, certain documents must be submitted manually (in paper form). The following documents may be scanned and electronically filed; however, the original must be submitted to the Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller:

  • Affidavits for nonpaternity
  • Bonds (criminal division only)
  • Consents for adoptions and acknowledgement of receipt
  • Promissory notes and allonges in foreclosure cases
  • Verified and sworn documents (criminal division only)
  • Wills (including codicils) and separate writings identifying devises of tangible property placed on deposit with the Clerk
  • Any other document specifically ordered by the Court
  • Any other document required by Florida law to be filed in its original form

The following documents must be submitted according to the Court's direction and may not be electronically filed through the eFiling Portal:

  • Proposed orders
  • Proposed judgments
  • Letters or correspondence directed to a judge

Document Copies

Attorneys should provide sufficient copies of documents for conforming and stamped, addressed envelopes for distribution.


All other documents must be eFiled. eFiling a document does not relieve a party of its evidentiary burden to prove the authenticity of an original document. Attorneys should maintain original documents that may be needed in court hearings unless the original is submitted as provided above. When original documents are submitted as exhibits at a court hearing, the attorney must indicate on the document or notify the Clerk & Comptroller in writing when an original document must be retained as an original.