Register & E-File Documents

Register and E-File documents using the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal.

Out-of-State Attorneys

Pursuant to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.510, an out-of-state attorney wishing to appear in a Florida case must be granted permission by the Court where the case is pending by filing a Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice (PHV). A copy of the motion must be sent to The Florida Bar. The Florida Bar will send a letter to the movant with his/her PHV number. The attorney must use the PHV number to register with the Portal and E-File future pleadings.

Until the attorney receives his/her PHV number, all pleading will be e-filed by the local attorney designated in the motion. If an attorney has a pending case and needs a PHV number, a number will be assigned. For questions on obtaining a PHV number, call The Florida Bar at (850) 561-5840. For additional information, see The Florida Bar's letter regarding E-Filing by Attorneys Appearing Pro Hac Vice (PDF).