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Subscription searches are organized into two categories for subscriber convenience. The links will take the subscriber to a login page and then directly to the specific search desired.

  1. Court Records
  2. Official Records

Court Records

Many court documents, such as final judgments, lis pendens, and others, are recorded in the Official Records. Searching by party name in the Official Records will enable viewing of these documents going back to 1990. For many years this was the only method for the public to remotely view court-related documents. However, in 2014 the Florida Supreme Court updated its rules to allow remote viewing of additional court documents over the internet by the public. Use the Court Records Search link below to search court records and view available documents. Read more.

Subscribers Only

  • Foreclosures -- Multiple reports provide lists of cases in early and late stage foreclosure, as well as mediations. 
  • New Cases -- Lists of new cases by case category and type. Select from four time periods

Standard Searches