Clerk Assistance for Sales

Pursuant to Chapter 45, Florida Statutes, the Clerk & Comptroller will conduct the judicial sale after all publication, notice, and other legal requirements have been completed. By law, the Clerk & Comptroller’s Office cannot provide legal advice or otherwise tell you how to proceed with your case. Because judicial sales are advertised and are open to the public, you may go online in advance of participating to observe a sale taking place. This will give you an idea of what to expect.

Anyone contemplating the purchase of property at a foreclosure sale is encouraged to review the court file and any related documents, and to conduct research of the official records of Pasco County. The Clerk & Comptroller does not determine the existence or priority of any liens or encumbrances upon the property offered for sale.

Property Redemption

The defendant or other interest holder may redeem the property by right of redemption at any time prior to the sale, or such other time as specified in the final judgment, by paying all indebtedness, including attorney fees and costs. This redemption will cancel the sale process. However, depending upon certain situations, this may not transfer ownership of the property.

As a result of MERS v. Mahler (2006, 4th DCA), the remedies for satisfying a judgment pursuant to Chapter 55.141, Florida Statutes, do not pertain to cases in foreclosure.