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Posted on: November 22, 2019

Teammate Lisa Shippy-Gonzalez reigns supreme as Queen Chasco

Lisa Shippy-Gonzalez, Queen Chasco 2019, at her computer in our Finance Department.

Even before she was crowned, Finance Department whiz Lisa Shippy-Gonzalez did valuable work in our community

One essential aspect of the American experience: We don’t do royalty. There was a war and everything. You might have read about it.

Another essential aspect of the American experience: We reserve the right to change the rules.

With the American exceptionalism for making exceptions firmly in mind, we are honored to present her majesty, Queen Chasco, Lisa Shippy-Gonzalez.  No, she has not quit her day job as a sharp-eyed numbers-crunching Operations Supervisor in the Clerk & Comptroller’s Finance Department.

However, retaining her common touch does not mean you are excused from bowing or curtsying, as tradition instructs.

OK, so the coronation doesn’t come with priceless crown jewels, a scepter, or even a mysterious red box delivered daily from the elected head of state. Actually, the crown itself – an oval of plastic festooned with plastic jewels – is not only a wee bit cheesy, it’s not the sort of thing you can just slap on and expect to appear regal.