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Posted on: March 12, 2020


2020 03 12 Scam Alert

Commercials announcing threats to the title on your home are gracing local electronic media. Again. The warning is suitably ominous: Unless you are protected, swindlers, identity thieves, or other sorts of scam artists may contrive to steal your property.

What happens they succeed? If it’s a seldom-used second home, they may rent it out or sell it. If it’s your residence, they may borrow against it, stealing your equity. When they fail to make payments, the loan will go into default and the lender will attempt to foreclose. You may wind up paying thousands to re-secure what’s yours.

Every bit of this nightmare is possible and, in fact, has happened. The FBI identified this sort of “house stealing” as the “latest scam on the block” as long ago as 2008.

In Florida, however, you don’t need to pay a service – some charging as much as $15 a month – to keep an eye on your title. Property fraud protection is available free.

That’s right. Zero charge.

The Property Fraud Alert system helps protect a person’s property from swindles by monitoring documents such as liens, deeds, and mortgages recorded in Pasco County. Just like signing up to receive alerts on credit cards or identity protection, the Property Fraud Alert system provides peace of mind in knowing property is being monitored against the filing of fraudulent documents in the owner’s name.

Customers determine the personal and business name(s) they want monitored and may choose to receive alerts through email or over the phone. Upon notification of a document recorded with the registered name(s), property owners may verify whether the activity was initiated by them or someone attempting to commit property fraud.

Registering for the Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller’s fraud alert protection is easy. Call (800) 747-4600, or sign up online at the Property Fraud Alert website.

Free peace of mind for your most precious investment: What more could you ask?

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